Patrick Schwarzenegger used to smoke pot every day until his dad talked him out of it

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Patrick Schwarzenegger looks like he’s settling on actor as his chosen profession. I haven’t seen anything he’s done so I have no idea if that’s good fit for him or not. He certainly has matinee idol looks and his pedigree working in his favor. His current role is in the Amy Poehler Netflix film, Moxie, in which 28-year-old Patrick plays a high school jock. I’d read a couple of comments on Twitter that turned me off the movie, but watching the trailer, I might try it anyway.

Patrick appeared in person on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the film with a surprisingly fun interview. Surprising only because I’ve never heard him before. I was slightly turned off his mesh t-shirt under a partially buttoned linen shirt finished with a stiff pleather blazer, but his laid back California attitude let him carry it off. He has kind of a Tony Curtis vibe about him and if he can actually act, I might have to start paying more attention to him. A few things Patrick said during his interview that caught my attention were the fact that he once owned Blaze Pizza and that he used to be stoned all the time until his dad talked him out of it.

He used to smoke pot every day
I used to smoke [pot] every day to the point where I couldn’t do anything without smoking. We went to Easter brunch and I was high. My dad said ‘are you high?’ He said ‘Why would you want to be high? You have the best life in the world. Why would you ever want to take you out of your life?’ And then I never smoked since. [It’s been] five years.

On deciding he wanted to be an actor
[I was] watching Hercules in New York [with my dad]. He was awful. I was like ‘wow you are this successful and you are this bad in this movie. I’m giving acting a shot.’ I grew up going on set with him, I fell in love with it.

His early jobs
I had this pizza joint called Blaze Pizza. For a few years I was there making pies. I used to work for Rick Caruso at [mall] The Grove. I did valet, security, tours. [I was] security for Paris Hilton [once]. I knew Paris.

His dad’s menagerie
He’s got this weird 3/4th through life crisis now where he’s got a donkey and a pony. He’s got this massive 200-pound husky then he’s got a three-pound Yorkshire terrier that sits on his knee.

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I remember when Patrick was dating Miley Cyrus, most people assumed their main connection was a shared love of pot. So it doesn’t shock me that he couldn’t do anything without being stoned. At one point that was very much his vibe. I’m more taken aback that he was so rocked by such a sensible question from his father. Maybe it was said at the right time. Whatever it was, it sounds like he doesn’t regret his decision, so it was obviously the right choice for him. I found his comments about his dad’s acting really funny. I’m sure he’s embellishing for entertainment but he’s not wrong. My gawd, Arnold was terrible in that early stuff.

Okay, so a little digging and Patrick must have owned a Blaze franchise because the Wetzel Pretzel’s folks founded the Blaze Pizza chain. That makes much more sense, although Patrick creating something called Blaze was a much better tie-in to this story. I appreciate that Maria Shriver and Arnold had their kids hold jobs, though, even if it sounds like they were bought and paid for jobs. Like they Rick Caruso stint. The Grove is one of the shi-shiest shopping centers in LA.

If you watch the full interview, Patrick explained that he was assigned to do security for Paris Hilton, his friend, when he was 15 years old. His dad, however, was governor of California at the time so Patrick had his own security detail assigned to him as he performed his role. And Paris arrived with her own security guard. So it’s not like he had to do much. I’ll bet Rick had him out timing the waterspouts in the fountain on slow days. But sometimes just teaching a rich kid to show up and perform his appointed task is commendable, I guess. The only part of Patrick’s interview I didn’t understand was that Jimmy asked if he had moved home during quarantine. He said that yes, he and his girlfriend, Abby Champion, moved home with his mom, which was his first time living at home since high school. Why would he need to move home, surely he owns his own place. It’s not like he was at school and the campus closed on him. It had to be because Maria’s house had more amenities and he didn’t want to have to do his own laundry or something.

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