Paris Jackson Joins The Struts On ‘Low Key In Love’

The Struts have released a video for their new song “Low Key In Love,” featuring Paris Jackson. This is the British glam rock band’s first song since the release of 2020 album Strange Days.

Speaking about his experience on the “Low Key In Love” project, the Struts frontman Luke Spiller said, “‘Low Key In Love’ was written after a date in Los Angeles at 70’s retro bar, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe”.

“When we decided to explore the idea of a duet, I thought back to that night and remembered that Paris played a brilliant acoustic set. Something inside was telling me that everything happened for a reason, so I decided to message her.”

“I’m convinced some things are just written in the stars,” he added. “Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension and really brings the story to life. She is beautiful and brilliant. A star.”

The Struts guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliot and drummer Gethin Davies played the orchestra for the single, produced by Tommy English.

(Photo: Cameron Nunez and Harri Charli)

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