Paris Hilton Says She Loves Being a Mom and Wants More Kids

Paris Hilton is reveling in motherhood … now that she’s had one, she can’t get enough!!!

We got the reality star/entrepreneur Wednesday at the Grove in L.A. for a book signing, and it’s apparent from the crowd that braved really crappy weather — people are into her and her story.

Paris says it feels incredible to have a son — Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum — and she was very open with our photog … the kid’s opened the floodgates for more babies.

It’s interesting … PH almost always holds her cards close to her vest, rarely opening up publicly about her intentions … so it was a little surprising she played her hand.

paris hilton announcment

Paris hubby Carter Reum announced they had a baby back in January after struggling to get pregnant … and after tying the knot during a luxurious 2021 wedding weekend.

paris hilton and baby

The “Simple Life” star can clearly keep a secret, even from her mom. No one knew she was having a baby until after the kid was born.

She seems way less secretive now.

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