Nicki Minaj Responds to Harassment Suit of Husband's Accuser, Calls Her Liar

Nicki Minaj is calling the woman accusing her and her husband of harassment a bold-faced liar — claiming there are holes in her story that NM and co. believe totally discredit her.

The rapper’s attorney filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, responding to Jennifer Hough‘s lawsuit from August — where she claimed Nicki, Kenneth Petty and a gaggle of lawyers were on her case … trying to get her to recant her attempted rape claim against Ken … which she made in the ’90s and for which KP was convicted.

Long story short … Nicki’s legal team is calling BS on Hough’s allegations, going so far as to ask the court to sanction her for what they say are blatant falsehoods, which they think she hurled in an attempt to score a payday from Nicki.

The crux of their argument lies in a couple different inconsistencies they say lie within Hough’s account of things — namely, her claiming she had to change her phone number due to the alleged harassment she was receiving from Nicki, plus the claim Nicki’s team had reached out to her brother with a $500k offer if she recanted in a written statement.

On the phone issue ..,. Nicki’s attorney says Hough actually texted Nicki after claiming she needed to change her number and move back in June 2020 to block Nicki and her people from contacting her. Nicki says the text read “US Marshalls are asking questions!!!” The lawyer draws a conclusion from this — Hough wasn’t actually trying to hide her number from Nicki at all (contrary to what she alleges). Nicki’s team thinks it makes it clear she wasn’t scared and is just looking for a payday.

There’s also the issue of an interview Hough gave earlier this year, which the attorney says differs from what she alleged in court docs. In the interview, NM’s lawyer says Hough noted her brother told her somebody had reached out with a $500k offer if she talked to a lawyer repping Petty. NM’s lawyer said the allegation in the lawsuit that Nicki was behind the offer is merely speculation that gave her a reason to try to sue Nicki.

Bottom line … Nicki’s lawyer says this woman was looking to score a quick buck from Minaj, and is now twisting the tale to do so.

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