Nancy Wilson Drops Title Track From Upcoming Solo Album ‘You And Me’

On International Women’s Day on Monday, Nancy Wilson debuted the title track from her upcoming solo album, You and Me.

Co-written with longtime collaborator and friend Sue Ennis, the Heart guitarist reaches out to women, especially her late mother, in the song.

“It’s like a conversation in zero gravity with my mom, like when you’ve had a dream of your mom and she’s no longer of the Earth but you’ve felt like you got to hang out with her? That’s what this song is about,” Wilson told iHeartRadio.

Speaking about the new song to Rolling Stone, Wilson said, “‘You and Me’ is a zero gravity conversation with my mom that exists outside of time and space.”

“In the video, I used paneled mirrors to find the camera lens for a more otherworldly feel as if I’m talking to both me and my mom through the connection of our common DNA,” she added.

The album You and Me, which she scripted during the Covid-19 lockdown, is set to release on May 7.

“I don’t know why it took me so long to do this. Maybe I was stuck in traffic, maybe I was stuck in the Heart vortex of it all,” Wilson said about the LP.

(Photo: Jeremy Danger)

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