Meghan Markle will ‘win Oscar’ following Oprah interview, Laurence Fox predicts

Lorraine reacts to Meghan Markle Oprah interview

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Former actor Laurence Fox is no stranger when it comes to speaking about Meghan Markle. Now, he has shared his thoughts on the Duchess’ explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year

She will probably win an Oscar next year without having to be in a film – she certainly deserves one

Laurence Fox

During the royal’s chat, the former Suits actress made several bombshell allegations against the Royal Family.

Meghan, 39, and husband Prince Harry, 36, claimed that there had been conversations in regards to the colour of their son, Archie-Harrison’s skin colour.

The pair also claimed that Meghan had been denied access to help while battling suicidal thoughts during the early days of their marriage.

Now, in an exclusive interview with, Laurence, 43, has hit out at the couple.

Discussing Meghan, the former Lewis star said: “They love ‘wokey’ people in showbiz.

“There was some report about showbiz and education being the two most leftist, institutions in Western culture.

“I mean, if you got the right views and she’s got all of the right views.”

“She will probably win an Oscar next year without having to be in a film – she certainly deserves one,” he said.

While discussing the couple’s interview with Oprah, Laurence continued: “Does he [Prince Harry] ever look comfortable?

“He never looks like he’s up for it whenever they do anything.”

The dad-of-two also believes that Meghan and Harry’s decision to not name the member of the House of Windsor who allegedly made racial comments was “purely hypocritical”.

Discussing his own experience, Laurence claims: “Pure hypocritical and wokery, Meghan’s move was to A)… almost two things, on the one hand, lots of people have that conversation, I’ve got seven mixed-race nephews and nieces, lots of people have that conversation.”

He went on to add: “When I was married and we had children, my ex-wife [Billie Piper], I can’t remember what colour her eyes are, but they’re a different colour to mine.

“We would have a conversation about this, to smear an entire institution with that charge, I don’t believe a word she says, I’m with Piers [Morgan], I think she’s trying to bring down the monarchy.”

Laurence also claimed that he made the decision to turn down the opportunity to feature on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside his cousin Emilia Fox.

The cousins often appeared alongside one another on the programme, offering their take on the previous week’s television.

Laurence explained: “They [Gogglebox] did ask me to go back on again this year, I didn’t, I just wanted to take the heat out of it,” he confirmed.

Laurence, who now focuses on politics as the leader of The Reclaim Party, went on to say: “I felt that people are so angry that you couldn’t be free, I think it’s fun, different voices from all over, rather than one monochromatic voice.

“You want someone to turn around and go, ‘You know this is my view, it’s something different. Am I entitled to it? Yeah’.”

The dad-of-two believes that despite his somewhat controversial views, people don’t want to hear his side of the argument.

“The problem is, people don’t want to listen to your side of an argument and it makes you say, ‘Well, if you’ve got such good arguments, surely it should stand up to some scrutiny’,” he added.

The White Lines star also claims that he has received private messages from people in showbusiness who have supported his views, yet have taken to their Twitter pages to brand him a racist.

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