Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Share Sweet Engagement Story and Pics of Harry Down on One Knee

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have talked about their engagement before, but they just dropped a ton of new details (and pics!) in their Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. Starting with the fact that Harry wanted to propose earlier, but had to wait because of the whole ~getting permission from the Queen~ thing.

“Because I had to ask permission from my grandmother I couldn’t do it outside of the UK,” Harry explained. “I did pop a bottle of champagne while [Meghan] was roasting a chicken, and that kinda slightly gave the game away. She goes, you don’t drink champagne what’s the occasion? And I was like, I don’t know, just had it lying around here, whatever!”

When it came to the proposal, Harry said he felt pretty confident: “It’s not that I knew she’d say yes, but she’d already moved [her dog] Guy over, so I had Guy as a hostage,” he joked. “He was in stilts so he couldn’t run away.”

And as for popping the question, Harry took Meghan to the garden near his cottage at Kensington Palace, laid out a blanket, and lit a bunch of electric candles before getting down on one knee. We even got to see video of Meghan calling a friend and saying “Oh my god Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, it’s happening it’s happening it’s happening, oh my god, he told me not to peek, oh my god.”

“I was just like yes,” Meghan said, recalling the proposal. “We were so joyful and excited. I was like, ah we’re doing this.”

This moment is too cute for words!!!!!

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