Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Royal fans seriously divided by new Netflix trailer

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are back in the spotlight thanks to the release of two trailers for their upcoming Netflix documentary.

On Monday, the second teaser was released ahead of the first episode, which airs on Thursday. And it has certainly divided royal fans.


WATCH: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talk ‘pain’ in new trailer for docuseries

Harry and Meghan – who have long split public opinion – quickly began to trend on social media.

A number of people spoke out to publicly support the couple, with one writing: “If all men defended and protected their families the way Harry has done for Meghan Markle, I would be proud of all men in this world.”

A second shared: “Can’t wait to watch this and finally hear the truth. It’s horrible what’s been done to them. Diana would never have allowed this, she would have loved Meghan.”

A third noted: “Definitely watching it. We keep asking for people’s side of their story. Well here’s theirs.” And a fourth said: “People losing their minds over the #HarryandMeghanonNetflix TRAILER alone … make me laugh … you are proving their points already …”

However, not everyone was supportive of the couple’s decision to air the documentary. “Harry and Meghan said they had no plans when leaving the royal family and had to get out to save themselves. They had no plans to sell their story or share it. Yet on their last day they hired a private photographer to follow them around to take pictures of them ‘leaving’,” one wrote.

Another joked: “I think everyone should boycott Harry and Meghan’s show on Netflix, out of respect for their privacy.”

And a larger number still pointed out how some of the clips in the trailer weren’t relevant to the couple at all and showed images of entirely different people. “I really hope that #Netflix correctly categorises #HarryandMeghanonNetflix as #drama and not #factual !!! It’s all complete fabrication.”

Netflix has announced that Volume I of the docuseries will be released on 8 December, while Volume II will air on 15 December.

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