Meet MIC’s royal recruit Freddy Knatchbull – ‘My family have roles in the Coronation’

There's a brand new recruit joining Made In Chelsea's high-society roster – a drop-dead gorgeous model with royal connections.

Cheeky and charming, Freddy Knatchbull is about to become SW3's most eligible bachelor.

The 19-year-old, who makes his TV debut in the upcoming series of the E4 reality show, currently balances the notoriously hardcore student nightlife of Newcastle with country house getaways with the boys.

The hunk was introduced to MIC's producers by his model pal and current star Joel Mignott, and Freddy tells OK! we can expect to see him flirting up a storm.

"I'm definitely looking to find love on the show – the girls are great," he teases. And he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, either.

"I love a bit of drama – who doesn't?" he says. "But I haven't clashed with anyone – yet [laughs]."

And as well as possessing the world's most chiselled cheekbones, Freddy has personal ties with the British monarchy, as his great-grandfather was 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the late Prince Philip's uncle and mentor to King Charles in his younger years.

Recently depicted by acclaimed actor Charles Dance in Netflix's The Crown, Freddy says of his ancestor, "When I talk to my friends about him, no one knows who he is!"

Here, Freddy chats all things Chelsea and spills the beans on what we can expect when he joins the show…

Hi, Freddy! How did you come to join the Made In Chelsea family?

I already knew one of the cast members, Joel [Mignott]. We met during casting calls through modelling a while back and he thought I’d make a really good fit on the show, so I believe he recommended me. I was obviously so excited at first because I thought it would be such a great opportunity. I knew this could open so many doors for me – possibly a career on TV.

How did your friends and family react when you broke the news?

They were all really happy for me. They’re not my family if they’re not supportive of all my decisions. A couple of people might have had their reservations about going on TV for the world to see, but I’m ready to prove them all wrong and have some fun. Some of my closest friends were concerned I might do something stupid or embarrassing on screen, but I think I’ve played it cool so far.

What was your first day of filming like?

I’ve been behind cameras before in my career, so I wasn’t too nervous. It was just really cool because it hit me that day that I was embarking on a whole new part of my life. I’m introduced to the crowd through Joel – we’re doing updates of our modelling portfolio in my first scene – and then I meet with Verity [Bowditch] and it all takes off from there. You’ll have to catch the new series to see what else I get up to.

Have you run into any drama yet?

Not yet. Everyone was so welcoming. I’d made an effort not to learn anything about the rest of the cast before I joined the show, because I wanted my first impression of them to be genuine, not based on how they’d been portrayed in the past. No one stands around screaming and throwing drinks on each other when they’re away from cameras, so I wanted to get to know that version of them all first. I got close with Harvey [Armstrong], Charlie [Wicks] and Miles [Nazaire] during the first few weeks because the show takes us on a trip in the upcoming series. I’d say I’m the most similar to those boys.

Are you a typical Chelsea boy, then?

[Laughs] Well, I did grow up in Chelsea, so I guess I must be. I’d say my lifestyle fits in quite well with what’s seen on the show, but
I do love a night in the club with friends. I’m studying at Newcastle, so I’m in my ‘student getting f****d up’ phase. What can I say?!

How’s your love life?

I’m single. I broke up with my ex last year. There’s not one girl on the show who isn’t attractive – they’re all good looking. My usual type is blonde hair, blue eyes and someone who makes me laugh. We won’t have a good relationship if we can’t have fun.
I like to be kept on my toes, too.

Are you concerned about getting trolled once you’re on screen?

I always say the same thing – haters are gonna hate. I don’t care what random strangers think of me.

Tell us about your royal connections…

My great-grandad, Lord Mountbatten, was very ‘in’ with the royal family. He was the last English Governor General of India before it became independent and he led the British against Japan in the Second World War. He used to holiday with the royals all the time. I’ve grown up in a generation that isn’t close with the monarchy any more, but my aunts and uncles are still involved. When I talk to my friends at uni about him, no one knows who he is. But when I talk to my parents’ friends, they know everything about him. I know that The Crown features members of my family but I couldn’t comment on their portrayal as I haven’t seen the series. Definitely one for the list though.

Your great-grandfather was close to Prince Philip and to King Charles when he was younger. What does your family make of the new King?

We love the King! My close family will definitely have specific roles in his Coronation, but I doubt I will now I’m on MIC. But who knows? I might end up sitting with the King on his big day!

Brand new Made In Chelsea is coming soon to E4 and All 4


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