Machine Gun Kelly Just Added a New Arm Tattoo on Top of His Old Ink

Machine Gun Kelly is more or less synonymous with tattoos. The singer and rapper is covered in ink, and performs shirtless so frequently that fans may well have their personal favorites when it comes to his tats as well as his tracks.

But when your entire torso is already so densely crowded with ink, it makes getting a new tattoo slightly trickier. Especially for someone like MGK (real name Colson Baker), who evidently prefers distinctive, striking, big-as-hell body art.

Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev, who works under the moniker DotsToLines, came up with an ingenious solution while tattooing MGK this week; he simply inked his design on top of one of the musician’s existing tattoos. To be clear, this wasn’t a cover-up job. Rather, the new tattoo, a simple-but-elegant design consisting of flowing and intersecting black lines, overlaps with MGK’s old arm ink in a way that coheres with the original artwork and makes it appear as if each tattoo was created specifically for this purpose. The overall effect is pretty cool.

Speaking to Men’s Health last year, MGK explained that one of the reasons he trains so hard—in addition to keeping up the energy required for performing—is that he enjoys how adding muscle definition amplifies the appearance of his tattoos, in particular the large, frequently photographed piece on his back. “The more I see pictures of my back, the more I want to add muscle to it, to change the landscape of how it looks over time,” he said.

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