Lord Ganesha: Dil Ka Raja

We ask you, Dear Readers, to send us your Ganpati pictures!

Kirti and Jagdish Thakkar from Virar, the township adjoining Mumbai, feel blessed to bring Ganpati Bappa home. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Ashish Bhagwat from Bhusawal, says, ‘Celebrating Ganeshotsav with my family.

Ukadiche Modak… hmmm, my favourite prasad.’


Shreyas Aware from Indore takes inspiration from the 75th year of India’s Independence to create the background for his Ganesha.


Ritesh and Girdharilal Podar from Kandivali east, north west Mumbai, says proudly, ‘Complete handmade decoration using eco-friendly material.’ Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Nitesh Palrecha from Pune sends us a photo of his ‘Dil ka raja‘. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Dear Readers, how are you celebrating Ganeshotsav this year?

Have you made the idol at home?

What is special about the celebrations this year? Do you have a theme for the festival?

Please send your Ganpati 2022 pictures to [email protected] (Subjectline: My Lord Ganesha).

Do mention your Name and Where You Live. Also, WHY Lord Ganesha has a special place in your heart.

Do you have an unforgettable memory related to Lord Ganesha? We’d love to hear about it.

Is there a favourite prasad you make for Lord Ganesha? Do share the recipe and pictures with us.

Going pandal-hopping? Share your pictures with us.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/Rediff.com

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