Lisa Snowdon in constant pain after violent ex left her with life-long injuries

Celebrity MasterChef 2022: Lisa Snowdon crowned as the winner

Lisa Snowdon, 51, who is known for being one of Britain’s top models and a TV presenter, and now the star has opened up on horrific injuries she suffered behind closed doors at the hands of an ex-boyfriend.

The casualties Lisa’s ex inflicted upon her have caused her “so much pain” and affected the curvature of her spine.

Speaking on the violent acts her ex would carry out, Lisa shared: “The position of my arm being twisted around my back and broken caused me, and still causes me, so much pain.

“Over the years, I developed a condition called scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, which can occur after an impact trauma.

“In my case, my left shoulder and scapula now pull forwards as a result of the injury, thus curving my spine to the left.”

Lisa was just 19 and breaking into the modelling world when her boyfriend, who was years older but had lied to her about his age, attacked her so badly that he broke her arm.

She wrote in her new book: “He was chasing me and kicking me, and to protect myself from another of his kicks I used my arm to cover my backside.

“He kicked my arm with all his power, and I heard a crack. Sure enough, the damage had been done and my arm was in plaster for six weeks or so.”

In her book Just Getting Started, Lisa has spoken about the abuse she suffered in order to help other women in similar situations so they know they are not alone.

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Last year, the Celebrity Masterchef winner spoke frankly about the toll early menopause took on her body, saying: “I suffered insomnia, hair thinning, extreme night sweats, severe anxiety and angry rages, but I didn’t even know what perimenopause was back then.

“I was totally unprepared.”

She added: “I see menopause as a new phase in our lives and it’s one that we need to take responsibility for.

“I see menopause as a new phase in our lives and it’s one that we need to take responsibility for,” said Lisa to

“Arm yourself with research, remember movement is medicine, look at your diet and be more mindful about what’s going on in your body.”

Lisa revealed her fiancé George Smart, 42, has been a rock through her menopause and they are happy to not have kids.

The star candidly said in an interview with MailOnline that “kids are amazing and enrich your life, but let’s be honest, there are enough kids in the world.”

She also explained that George was “patient and kind” to her during menopause when she would have “crazy rages” and fly “off the handle”.

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