LeBron James Plays Madden, Sips Lobos In Empty SoFi, Early Birthday Gift

LeBron James got an awesome early birthday gift last night … playing one of his favorite video games, Madden, in an empty SoFi Stadium, on the huge video board — all while drinking his Lobos tequila.

James — who turns 38 on Dec. 30 — started celebrating early this year … partaking in one of his favorite past times, playing video games, in arguably the NFL’s best stadium.

And, he had it all to himself!

“Happy Early bday gift from my guy DJ Bamboozle,” James wrote on Instagram. “Appreciate you, bro.”

lebron james stadium

In addition to the dope setup, DJ Bamboozle had the words “Happy Birthday LeBron” written on the scoreboard.

Naturally, LBJ spent most of the night on the sticks, playing a friend in Madden. It’s unclear who won. In between plays, Bron sipped on his Lobos 1707 tequila.

lebron james game

What do you get someone who has everything?! Bamboozle cracked the code.

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