Kim Kardashian mandates that staffers only wear ‘neutral’ colors in her home

Kim Kardashian’s house is very bland and boring. The color scheme is just white, cream and beige and it’s not even like Kim wants a neutral background for some great art. There is no art. In all of the spaces we’ve seen of Kim’s house, it just looks so… one note. She’s said before that her kids’ bedrooms are different, and that she “allows” them to paint their rooms any color and they can have colorful toys in their playroom. What I never realized is that Kim also puts limits on what colors her staffers can wear. Not so much a uniform, but an employer-improved color palette.

On Monday’s episode of Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, Kim Kardashian revealed there is a dress code for her employees after the radio personality said she noticed the people who work for her “are all color coordinated.”

“Is that intentional?” asked Martinez, 51, to which Kardashian, 42, replied, “Absolutely. I have uniforms.”

“It’s not like hey, this is like your uniform. It’s just color palettes,” Kardashian continued. Noting that her employees are provided with a “handbook,” the reality star explained they can wear “grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki… I mean, we can stick with all neutrals. Not a lot of color blocking.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum also shared she discussed the dress code with her employees to get their opinions before implementing it.

“My house is so zen, so I asked how everyone felt about it, and everyone actually said, ‘That would make our life so easy,’ ” she told the podcast host. “And once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I was like, ‘Yes, let’s do this.’ ”

“I should have like a free-dress day on their birthdays or something,” she quipped.

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Granted, I mostly wear black, grey, cream and navy too – like, that’s easily 80% of my wardrobe – but I love wearing green, pink, periwinkle, red and purple sometimes too. While I understand the idea behind your employer mandating a uniform, it seems kind of bonkers to want your household staff to commit to a bland color palette just to work inside your bland home. And we don’t even know if she’s talking about *just* household staff – does she demand the same thing from the staff of her companies? Someone take this to the Supreme Court! Well… it’s only discriminatory if Kim goes so far as firing someone for wearing acid green. Then we could take it to SCOTUS.

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