June Shannon: I Gained 60 Pounds of Healthy COVID Weight!

June Shannon returned to TV again last Friday on her once-again rebranded show.

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star promised that she has changed, and that is true.

But with sobriety came some falling back on other old habits, seeing June gain a lot of weight.

Many gained weight during the pandemic, but few if any did so quite like June did.

Do you ever make some bad choices that you could easily see being made into a montage set to music?

That’s exactly what they were going for in this clip from Friday’s season premiere.

The titular star has returned for Mama June: Road to Redemption.

It opens with a montage in June and Geno’s new home.

The house is a huge upgrade from living out of a car (and hey, it’s a house — better than many can afford).

But it’s a huge downsize from June’s former upper middle class home. She worked for years to get that.

Inside, June calls out to Geno to offer him a “smoothie.”

But after a wildly distasteful pan-up of June’s body showing off her apparent weight gain, we see what she really means.

She’s eating the best fruit in the world — maraschino cherries — with sprinkles. There’s also ice cream.

“It’s gonna be so good!” June announces to herself while parading about in very little clothing.

We then see her drinking ice cream syrup directly from a bottle.

She’s obviously putting on a show for the cameras … and it’s working.

June Shannon wants neopolitan icecream for her "smoothie"

“I’m back!” June proclaims to the camera.

She goes on to describe herself as “larger, sweeter than ever.”

This is when Geno enters the kitchen and sees what sort of “smoothie” she is making.

“That’s not a smoothie, dude,” Geno tells her, an amused look matching his tone.

“That’s a milkshake,” he explains.

Geno is then heard asking: “Why can’t we be sober and healthy?”

“I got protein right there in my sprinkles,” June jokes.

Proteins are found in many foods.

But unless her sprinkles containers were beseiged by ants, they likely do not contain protein.

“So much has went on with us,” June understates to the camera, referring to her one-year downward spiral.

“I mean,” she continues, “we are now seven months sober.”

She celebrated one year of sobriety in January, so that puts this as being filmed late last summer, which sounds exactly right.

“Can you believe that?” June asks.

“We have put on a couple of extra pounds,” June then acknowledges.

“I put on about 60,” she says before referring to Geno with “he’s put on about 100.”\

“We put on a whole other person,” June jokes, referring to their combined 160 pounds.

“But I’m gonna blame it on healthy COVID weight,” she decrees.

Geno then cracks a genuinely funny joke: “How much f—ing COVID did we eat?”

“I have to say sobriety has change our relationship,” June admits.

“Now, we’re able to have a clear mind and spend time with each other,” she explains.

June continues: “And reconnect our relationship and get to re-know each other without the drugs.”

“I’m kind of digging this sober stuff,” Geno adds.

That is great to hear. And for what it’s worth, June and Geno are welcome to be whatever sizes they choose.

For much of 2019 and even the early weeks of 2020, we feared that our next coverage of their story would be to share tragic news.

“Lauryn is doing really, really good,” June assessed in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

“Even though she didn’t have to step up [as a mother figure], she did,” she praised.

“And you know, in our family … we’ve always stuck together,” June added.

“I knew that Alana wasn’t gonna be living with [dad Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson],” June added.

She explained “because Sugar Bear only ever has anything to do with Alana when we’re in production,”

That’s sad, but for the best, because he’s a bad person and an awful father.

“Outside of that … [Lauryn] has done really good,” June affirmed.

“You know, I’ve been seeing them on social media and stuff like that,” she shared.

“So, you know, I’ve been keeping up,” June concluded. “Mom never stops with an addiction or no addiction.”

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