John Oliver Just Told the Recycling Industry to Be More Like BTS

John Oliver is a popular TV personality who informs viewers about news and current events in humorous ways.

His show Last Week Tonight often delves deep into various issues around the world, and it recently touches on the topic of recycling. More specifically, Oliver wanted to tell viewers about the difficulties of recycling plastics. In one instance, he even compares the plastics industry to BTS to show how dire the situation is.

John Oliver talks about plastics and recycling

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues affecting the environment today. Although there are programs to recycle plastics, according to Oliver on the new episode of his show, not a whole lot of plastics actually get recycled like people think.

“Less than 9 percent of the plastics generated are recycled in the United States, with the vast majority ending up in landfills or in the environments,” Oliver says, citing a study from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The show also highlights how a lot of plastic ends up in the ocean as well, where, as Oliver explains, “it breaks down into microplastics, gets eaten by fish, and can end up inside us.”

John Oliver compares the plastic industry to BTS 

In one part of the segment, Oliver talks about the recycling symbol found on many plastic items that people buy. He explains that there are seven types of plastic, though only a small number of them can typically be recycled.

“Very few of the those seven types of plastic are commonly recyclable,” he says. “Certain types of number 1 and 2 plastics—things like soda and laundry detergent bottles—do get recycled, although, depending on where you live, certain other types… may not.”

As for the other types of plastic, Oliver cites a study that says less than 5 percent of them can get recycled.

“Out of these seven numbers, only two are pretty much good,” Oliver says. “That is a pretty bad ratio for a group of seven.”

He jokingly compares the plastic industry to BTS, which has seven members. Oliver points out, “There’s not a weak link in that unbreakable chain of heartthrobs. With so many people on stage, you’d understand if sometimes Jimin only gave 50 percent, but he doesn’t. He beats up the dance floor every night like he just caught it robbing his house.”

BTS has very high standards for their performances

BTS is known for constantly giving high-quality performances. The group has made it no secret that they practice day in and day out and putting a lot of effort into their work.

In fact, BTS has shared that their company’s CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk, used to watch their practice videos and make sure every detail in their performances were perfect.

“CEO Bang was very precise when overseeing our performances,” Jungkook said. “[When checking our practice videos] he would press the space bar. If our angles were wrong, we’d have to practice again without any mercy.”

Because of this, BTS has impressed many people around the world with their amazing work ethic.

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