Here’s Who Kelley Flanagan Is Dating After Her Breakup With Peter Weber

Can someone get this former Bachelor star a box of fresh roses to hand out to her new man? Kelley Flanagan is dating someone new after her breakup with Peter Weber, and she spilled all the tea during the March 16 episode of Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. It sounds like she and her new boo met recently and aren’t serious yet, but one thing is clear: He sounds like the literal opposite of Pilot Pete.

"I’ll be honest with you, here we go, there’s a guy that I’ve been on a couple dates with," Flanagan told Bristowe. She explained he’s not an influencer, doesn’t have Instagram downloaded on his phone, and isn’t familiar with Bachelor Nation at all. She continued, "It literally makes me feel so great, and I was like, ‘Thank god you don’t know this show that I’m on, you don’t even have the app.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not a weirdo, I have Instagram, I just don’t have the app because I could, like, be reading emails, or I could essentially be, like, reading news.’ And I was like, ‘Man, you’re such a nerd, I love that.’"

While she didn’t reveal any other details, like his name or how they met, she did sound happy. So, that’s cute.

The attorney also dished on what was really going on behind the scenes with her and Weber this winter. For starters, she apparently asked him to hold off on posting about their breakup until she had a chance to tell her family and friends, but he didn’t listen. He broke the news on IG on Dec. 31, and she followed up with a post of her own four days later. "I think there was some kind of mental thing going on [with him] essentially saying like ‘I had to do this in 2020,’" she said. "Like you do whatever you want, but I’ll post it when I feel comfortable."

Despite calling it quits, Weber apparently contacted her "maybe a week" later. "Then he essentially tried to like get back together and was trying to work on things and I was pretty, pretty hesitant towards all of it," she revealed. The couple reunited, but shortly after Valentine’s Day, they broke up again.

This time, they sound totally done-zo. "I don’t think I will be in communication with him," Flanagan told Bristowe. "It’s a place in my past, I’m focusing on my future wishes. I don’t think it was the healthiest thing for me to keep [my] past and [my] future and I wish him well."

In the interview, she revealed plenty about the current state of her love life and her rollercoaster of a winter with her ex, but there’s one question she didn’t address: She and Pilot Pete were reportedly spotted at an absolutely packed club in Tampa, Florida on Feb. 6. As a reminder, the coronavirus pandemic is very much still ongoing, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), transmission is more likely to occur in enclosed spaces (like clubs). Flanagan and Weber, WYD?

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