Henry Ruggs Takes New Mug Shot After Agreeing To Plea Deal

henry ruggs mug shot

Henry Ruggs was back at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada this week … where TMZ Sports has learned authorities made him pose for a new mug shot.

Because the former Raiders star took a plea deal from prosecutors in his DUI crash case on Tuesday, cops tell us he was required to head back to the Las Vegas jail on Thursday to be reprocessed.

Henry Ruggs Crash Victim Honored With Dog-Walking Tribute In Las Vegas

Henry Ruggs Crash Victim Honored With Dog-Walking Tribute In Las Vegas

As part of the procedure, Ruggs took a new photo … and you can see, he didn’t appear to be pleased to be back in front of a jail camera again.

Of course, the last time the 24-year-old had to pose for a mug shot was in 2021 … after authorities accused him of drunkenly slamming his sports car into the back of Tina Tintor‘s Toyota, killing her and her dog.

henry ruggs mug shot

At the time, Ruggs — who was wearing a neck brace — had visible cuts and bruises on his face in his mug shot.

Ruggs has since recovered from the injuries he suffered in the crash — and his attorneys told a courtroom this week he reached an agreement with prosecutors to close out the criminal case against him.

Ruggs said he’ll plead guilty to one felony count of DUI resulting in death and one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter. In exchange, prosecutors said they’ll drop the rest of the charges against the former NFL player.

If the plea deal is accepted at a court hearing next week, Ruggs will eventually be sentenced to anywhere from 3-to-10 years in prison.

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