Fashion Walk on the Wild Side

Designer Amit Aggarwal‘s India Couture Week 2021 collection Metanoia was an ode to earth, air and water — the three elements that form the centre of our existence.

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IMAGE: The collection featured unique styles and silhouettes in colours ranging from moss, sage, forest green, mulberry, fuchsia and indigo…
Photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI

IMAGE: Amit used intricate materials like glass fibre, raffia palm and optic fibre to spin architectural structures into fluid ensembles.


IMAGE: Metanoia showcased hand-painting through marbling pattern over discarded PVC and handwoven polymer.

IMAGE: The designer hoped to take people on a personal journey of what it means to redefine oneself.

IMAGE: The meticulously embellished lehengas, saris, gowns and dresses made for powerful silhouettes.

IMAGE: This stunning cape blends beautifully with the landscape.


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