Fans want Gina Carano's 'Mandalorian' character recast with Lucy Lawless

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Following Gina Carano’s exit from “The Mandalorian,” fans are already looking for an actress to fill her shoes: Lucy Lawless.

On Wednesday, a representative for Lucasfilm confirmed to multiple outlets that the 38-year-old actress “is not currently employed by [‘Star Wars’ production company] Lucasfilm” after she drew criticism for multiple posts on social media, including one in which she compared today’s political divide to the events in Nazi Germany.

Furthermore, the rep said that “there are no plans” for Carano to be employed by the company “in the future,” meaning she likely won’t appear in future seasons of “The Mandalorian” or any other “Star Wars” content.

The star played Cara Dune, a former rebel gunner on the Disney+ sci-fi hit and fans have set their sights on Lawless, another famed action star, to take up the character.

Lawless, 52, famously starred as the titular character in “Xena: Warrior Princess” from 1995 to 2001, which was distributed by NBCUniversal Television.

Fans of ‘The Mandalorian’ are campaigning for actress Lucy Lawless to replace Gina Carano after her exit from the show.
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“Hear me out, Casting Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune would sell SOOO many action figures,” one fan tweeted. “I’m just saying. She’d bring in a lot of bank.”

“What if Lucy Lawless took over as Cara Dune and we all just pretended she was always Cara Dune?” suggested another.

Some fans were unhappy with Carano’s exit and used the hashtag #CancelDisneyPlus, but one fan felt like that was worth overlooking.

Lucy Lawless as Xena.

“Instead of #canceldisneyplus, can they just cast Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune and pretend it was her the whole time?” they said.

Lawless famously also played Lucretia in the series “Sparticus” and, per IMDb, has already made her “Star Wars” debut voicing the character Aeosian Queen on “Star Wars Resistance.”

There were a handful of other names being thrown around by fans to replace the star as well.

Fans feel ‘The Mandalorian’ stars Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano were treated differently by Lucasfilm. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

“Ok, I’d be fine with Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune, but Michelle Rodriguez is right there and she would be perfect,” wrote a viewer.

“Recast Cara Dune with Ronda Rousey and don’t tell anyone,” said another.

After Carano was dropped from her role, a similar 2018 tweet from “Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal doing essentially the same thing was unearthed on Thursday, leaving fans confused about why only one of the actors was punished and with many critics pointing out the hypocrisy. 

Columnist and radio host Tim Young described it as a double standard plaguing the popular ‘Star Wars’ spinoff.

“There’s a clear hypocrisy at Lucasfilm where Pedro Pascal can hyperbolically compare Trump’s politics to Nazi Germany, but Gina Carano can’t to the point that she’ll be fired. Hollywood blacklisting conservatives has been known before — now we can confirm it,” Young told Fox News.

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