Everyone Fully Missed Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly Fall Off the Stage During SNL

Anyone watch Saturday Night Live on, uh, Saturday night? Well apparently we all missed the hilarious fact that IRL best friends Pete Davidson and musical guest Machine Gun Kelly straight-up fell off the state during the end credits. The moment in question happened when MGK tried to pick up Pete and they both took a backwards dive off the stage while everyone else was like “oh sh*t.”

And fear not: it lives on forever thanks to TikTok.

This is hilarious 😂 #snl #machinegunkelly #petedavidson #ratatouille #fall

Oh, also! Machine Gun Kelly mentioned the ~incident~ on Twitter while explaining why he and Pete didn’t end up doing a skit together (which a ton of fans were hoping for). “We did do a skit,” he said. “During the credits we did one called ‘two drunk friends fall off the stage’ it went even better than planned.”

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