England’s Euro final loss was so bad that ‘Meghan Markle’ trended on social media

So, obviously, England lost in the Euro final. Every single white person with any conscience understood what was about to happen next – the Black players on Team England were about to face a torrent of racist abuse and hatred. As I said in my earlier coverage, even Piers Morgan understood that British people hurling racist abuse at Black English players is not a good look for We’re Very Much Not A Racist Country. It’s especially funny/sad because the same people trying to do damage control and tamp down the racist extremists are the very same people who were screaming about Black British athletes doing work around Black Lives Matter, including taking a knee on the pitch and all of that.

I have no segue here other than this: England’s loss was so bad that “Meghan Markle” began trending on social media. Italians on social media were like “Italy is winning this one for our girl Meghan,” and Meghan is not Italian. People rooting against England were like “hahaha, this loss is Meghan’s vengeance!” And y’all know the British papers are desperate to tie Meghan and Harry to this story somehow. They were already bitching about the fact that Harry didn’t fly in to watch the match in-person!

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By Piers Morgan

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