Duchess Kate ‘seems more relaxed’ without ‘fussy’ William during royal events

Dan Wootton’s column was very confusing and interesting last week. Wootton claimed that from now on, we would be seeing more of the Duchess of Cambridge going solo at events and even doing tours by herself. Wootton claimed that Kate “has accepted she will start making semi-regular appearances at home and abroad without William by her side” and that William has agreed that Kate needs to do more solo events. The new energy, as described by Wootton, is more of “she’ll go her way and he’ll go his.” Which gave a lot of us older peeps major Charles-and-Diana vibes. There were moments when Charles and Diana could not stand to be in the same room with each other, and they spent the last half of their marriage doing everything separately. Well, I guess Kensington Palace wanted to underline that point, because the Daily Mail has yet another story about how we’ll see more of Solo Keen Kate, and that’s because Kate kind of hates doing events with William?

The Duchess of Cambridge is looking ‘more confident’ on solo royal trips because she finds it easier to relax without Prince William by her side, a royal biographer has claimed. Referring to Kate’s recent solo trip to Denmark, Robert Jobson pointed out how the Duchess playfully whizzed down a slide on a visit to the LEGO Foundation PlayLab, and said she seemed completely at ease. Speaking to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, he said: ‘The fact that she went down that slide, I’m not sure she necessarily would have done that if he [William] was there. She was on good form.’

He described Prince William as being ‘a bit fussy’ on royal jobs, and said that even after a decade of official duties, Kate still looks to William to make sure she’s doing the right thing when they carry out joint engagements.

Describing Kate’s recent outings, Jobson said: ‘She was all smiles, very confident. Kate seemed more relaxed without William, who can be a bit fussy when he’s on royal jobs. Probably more confident than when she’s alongside William. She spoke very well. I thought she really came out of herself when she was there…She didn’t have to refer to William. When you see them together, she’s always double-checking whether it’s the right thing to do, even now.’

[From The Daily Mail]

When Kate and William do events together these days, most of the event is Kate looking at William adoringly while William ignores her and seethes. The dynamic is completely odd. I don’t doubt that Kate is desperate to show off her connection to William and make it look like they’re lovey-dovey, but William stopped playing along with her years ago. And yes, she does look at him for reassurance still, and he stopped giving her that. All of which makes me wonder if all of this “Solo Keen Kate” was even Kate’s idea. I wonder if it was more like William telling everyone that he wanted to stop doing events with Kate. And Kate just has to accept it.

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