Donald Trump Golfs at His Miami Hotel Amid NYC Criminal Case

trump golfing

Donald Trump is doing what he tends to do best in times of crisis — hitting the links to blow off some steam … with this weekend being no different for him amid his criminal case.

The ex-Prez was playing a round Saturday morning at his hotel in Miami … the Trump National Doral, which has four full-blown golf courses to choose from. Unclear which one DT was on in this instance, but he was out there with some pals … and his MAGA hat to boot.

trump golfing

Dude looks pretty relaxed … which makes sense, we suppose. This is sorta his happy place, even during the worst of times — as we’ve witnessed throughout these past several years.

The only difference now, of course, is that he’s under criminal prosecution by the Manhattan D.A.’s Office on 34 felony counts — most of which stem from the Stormy Daniels hush money incident … which law enforcement now alleges was directed to be paid at the behest of DT.

Trump Arriving To Court In New York

He’s looked/sounded defiant in the wake of those charges — especially when he was in NYC this past week to plead not guilty and get processed by cops … putting on a brave face.

Here, the Don’s more mellow, it seems, and there’s another thing to consider with this appearance — namely, the fact that it’s Passover right now for Jewish folks … and not just that, but his hotel there is actually hosting a whole slate of Passover events this weekend.

trump national doral miami

It’s interesting timing … seeing how it’s custom for Jews to take it easy during this time, especially since Saturday, specifically, is the day of rest — when most Jews wouldn’t be out on the course playing … or doing much of anything, in fact. Almost like he planned it. 😅

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