Democratic Candidate Marianne Williamson Says Network TV Won't Let Her Campaign

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says she’s been iced out of network TV amid her campaign … but says moving to TikTok has done wonders.

Williamson, formerly known as the “spiritual advisor” to Oprah Winfrey, joined us on “TMZ Live” Friday, chatting about not being able to bring her campaign to TV. She says she eventually realized the social media app would bring a lot of power to her cause.

Marianne Williamson

She says the platform’s been a great way to reach young U.S. voters … and according to her, there’s a shocking difference in intelligence on TikTok compared to on big news orgs.

As for the old stigma that young folks aren’t rocking the vote, she says that’s BS — and tells us exactly why.

For those unaware, Williamson is 1 of 2 Democrats — RFK Jr. being the other — running against current prez, Joe Biden … and since the DNC doesn’t normally hold debates when a current president is in the mix, her campaign has been crucial to getting the word out.

She also wasn’t welcomed into the race by her fellow Democrats, and staffers from her 2020 campaign didn’t think she should go for it, but her move to TikTok is seemingly helping.

Williamson has raked in over half a million followers — the most on the app compared to other candidates — and since making the switch, she’s been polling above 20% with voters under 30.

If ya can’t beat ’em, go viral.

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