Demi Lovato Says Making Her New Docu-Series Was ‘Really Cathartic’

Demi Lovato is sharing what it was like to make her docu-series Dancing With The Devil.

The 28-year-old performer made a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show on Friday (April 9) and reflected on how the experience impacted her.

Host Jimmy Fallon described the show as “rough and tough” and asked Demi if it was “odd” to be so raw and vulnerable about her life.

“It was challenging,” she replied. “I had to work through a lot of things before I actually told the story on camera.”

“But I’ve been working on myself and putting in a lot of work behind the scenes so that when it was time to put it on camera, I felt completely secure to tell my story,” Demi added.

She described making the docu-series as “really cathartic” and shared that she hopes viewers will learn from what she went through and that the documentary will help destigmatize mental health.

She told Jimmy, “No matter what people say when they watch it, and whatever people think when they listen to my album [Dancing With the Devil…The Art of Starting Over], I am so excited about these two projects and I’m standing in such truth that nothing anyone can say will shake me.”

Demi recently opened up about one “weird” part about growing up on the Disney Channel.

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