Danny Masterson wasn’t surprised when Bijou Phillips filed for divorce last week

On September 7th, Danny Masterson was sentenced to 30 years-to-life for his conviction on two counts of rape. It took years to get the case to trial, then the first one ended in mistrial, then Masterson was convicted in May. His wife Bijou Phillips stayed with him through all of it, showing up to court with him every day and having her friends brief People Magazine about how she would never leave him. Then, last week, she filed for divorce. My first concern was about what Scientology would do to her. Other people (correctly) suggested that CoS might be fine with this divorce because it’s all about protecting Bijou’s assets. Maybe she won’t face the wrath of CoS because it seems like divorce might have even been something she and Danny agreed on.

Bijou Phillip’s divorce filing against Danny Masterson seemed shocking considering her very public support of the actor, but behind the scenes, it wasn’t a big surprise … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the estranged couple tell TMZ Masterson knew the divorce docs were coming, so he wasn’t blindsided as many had suspected. We’re told Danny and Bijou’s main concern now is to protect their daughter from upcoming appeals and legal challenges.

As we reported, Danny was sentenced to 30 years to life behind bars for two rape convictions.

Many speculated Bijou’s divorce filing could be an attempt to protect their daughter’s future assets if civil lawsuits follow … though the exact reason she filed is still unclear.

As we reported, Bijou was steadfast in her support of Danny throughout his trial … even writing a letter to the judge and praising Danny for his character and her trust in him as a father and partner.

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“Bijou’s divorce filing could be an attempt to protect their daughter’s future assets if civil lawsuits follow…” See, I never really considered either of them to have a huge cash flow, although Bijou is a nepo baby and it’s likely she inherited money from her late father. Maybe they don’t have much money (especially after they pay the lawyers) and Bijou is just trying to protect what she does have before all of Masterson’s victims start suing.

There are also some shenanigans with Masterson and Phillips’ real estate – I think they owned two homes for years and the Mail was trying to say that Bijou and Danny lived separately for five years, but Masterson’s lawyer denies that.

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