Cindy Crawford lifts lid on skin regimen that turns back the clock at 57

Cindy Crawford looks exceptional for her age and the beauty fan credits one component of her routine for her youthful glow as she nears 60.

The supermodel recently claimed that the secret elixir of her regimen was shared with her by a make-up artist in the early days of her career.

In a clip for Vogue’s series on Beauty Secrets, Crawford credited her “golden balls” for keeping her skin glowing over the years.

The fashion icon declared that she depuffs her face with the tool after they’ve been dunked in ice-cold water, which helps reduce water retention.

“I’ll show you a little secret that a makeup artist taught me,” she told Vogue. “These little golden balls… I like to put them in a glass of iced water… they are very soothing.

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Like many others, the celebrity uses the tool by rolling it around the upper and lower areas of the eyes, which causes some redness upon application.

According to the medical platform PharmEasy, iced objects can promote rejuvenation by improving blood circulation and tightening the skin pores.

This is why experts in the beauty industry have long used ice as a prop to prepare the skin. It helps products glide effortlessly over the skin.

It is also frequently used as an antidote to battle jet lag-induced puffiness.

Though the benefits of icing are appealing, the practice carries a risk of breaking capillaries, so caution should be exercised.

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These vein breakages appear as red lines under the skin, which can become more prominent if icing is not discontinued.

Aside from face icing, Crawford has also declared herself an avid sunscreen advocate, which is crucial for protecting the skin against harmful UV rays.

Crawford is one of hundreds of celebrities who have vouched for the power of SPF to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Jennifer Lopez is another A-list celebrity who frequently endorses the benefits of sunscreen.

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