Christina Milian Opens Up About the Confidence-Crushing Experience of Postpartum Hair Loss

Like many women, actor Christina Milian experienced postpartum hair loss a few months after giving birth. Milian recently recounted the shock she experienced as her hairline receded and she wasn’t sure if or when the hair loss would end. She admitted that the transformation hit her hard, crushing her confidence until she learned that approximately 50% of postpartum women experience significant hair loss.

“It’s so overwhelming, on top of having a newborn at home, which is stressful, and all of the hormones that come with postpartum, dealing with the emotional impact of thinning hair. It really takes a toll on your confidence,” she shared during a roundtable discussion with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Christina Milian’s hair loss started 3 months postpartum

“I first noticed my postpartum hair loss, I noticed hair loss somewhere between three to six months,” Milian, who welcomed her third child in April 2021, said. “Which, my gosh, I’m just telling you this was something I wasn’t expecting when it happened. Because nobody ever told me about this.”

“I was in the shower,” she recalled when she first noticed significant hair loss. “I remember the day it was because I went from this full, beautiful — pregnant you grow this long hair. Everyone’s complimenting you on your hair. So you really take pride in this. And then you wake up one day and you’re in the shower and you look down. Especially in the drain, that’s where I noticed it at first.”

Christina Milian was shocked to lose so much hair

“And there’s just lots of hair, lots of hair,” she continued. “I’m getting chills thinking about it right now because it really was such a shock for me. I didn’t know where it came from. And then instantly from that point on, like, you’re brushing your hair and you’re seeing tons of hair in the hairbrush.”

“I mean, my confidence went from up here to down here,” she showed with her hands. “And I really just couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t know. I was stressing out what was wrong.” But she wasn’t overly stressed. “I had a perfectly happy pregnancy, to be honest with you. And I mean pregnancy and postpartum after having a baby.”

“So, yeah, I noticed that at first, I looked and I noticed it in my hairline, especially this whole area, especially my temple, my temples,” she said. “It was just like my hairline was going back, back, back, back. And I would put my hair up and I was like, oh, no, you gotta wear it down because I’m looking and I’m just seeing all this hair loss right here. And so it really took me by surprise. So that’s when I first noticed this hair loss.”

How did Christina Milian resolve her hair loss dilemma?

Since she was the first of her friends to have a baby, Milian couldn’t turn to a friend who had encountered something similar. “I turned to the Internet and I found some answers,” she shared. “I did find some answers, thank goodness. And I found out this is common and this is something that does happen. Nobody ever mentioned it to me. But this is a normal thing and it does happen. Now, I find out anywhere between 40% and 50% [experience hair loss pospartum]. But I did find out that there were women asking about it and it was a normal thing.”

Milian turned to the Nioxin brand to help her locks return to their normal state. She uses Nioxin System Kit 5. Milian shared that she loves “that Nioxin nourishes the scalp first, taking a skincare-inspired approach to hair health with product ingredients I already love like niacinamide and peppermint oil.”

“Each kit comes with three steps — a cleanser shampoo, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp and hair treatment — that was so easy to incorporate into my regular routine, which is important to me since I can’t spend extra time on my hair right now with the baby,” she shared. “In addition to the products, I’m also exercising. A healthy body means a healthy mind! I love to run on the treadmill and outside. I also like to walk with my daughter Violet, it’s bonding time for us and good exercise.”

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