Carol Vorderman’s lookalike daughter begins training to become an astronaut

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Carol Vorderman has shared that her lookalike daughter has started her training to become an analog astronaut.

The Mirror reports how Katie is training to be an analog astronaut, who play the role of an astronaut during a simulated mission to help prepare for missions leaving Earth.

The 62-year-old proud mum posted a clip of her daughter Katie, 32, arriving for training.

Explaining exactly what her time at the training centre will involve, Katie said: "We are day one of training and we're at Astroland for some of our training, we've had medical training, we have all these wearables that we have to wear to look at our heart rate, our breathing, that we have to wear 24/7."

She continued “And, there's this camera that assesses your emotional state by recognising your face so they're constantly monitoring our emotional response to things.

"There's also something to measure our skin to see our stress levels which will be interesting so when they simulate emergencies they can see how our bodies are physically responding which is pretty damn cool."

The former Countdown star previously revealed that it’s not just their looks that make she and daughter Katie similar.

She spoke out about how much they have in common, saying: "Both of us are science-based… geek girls… we fly planes and get excited about engines and molecules and are forever curious.

"We also dance, laugh, enjoy mischief, cook, super fit, into fashion, love sport, go wild, travel. Media portrays geek girls very, very, very badly, like we're an entirely different breed of woman who are incapable of the other things.

“I'm calling b******s on that. Apologies. Go geek girls… go ALL girls…. you all have value."

Carol shares both Katie and her 26-year-old son Cameron with her ex-husband Patrick King. They divorced in 2000 after 10 years of marriage.

The TV personality recently revealed that she is set to release a book based on the podcast quiz titled Perfect 10 that she launched last year.

The 10-minute podcast quiz asks listeners to test themselves with a host of puzzles, riddles, and general knowledge questions.

Taking to social media, she announced: "Surprise….. news just in! We have a new book "Perfect 10 Quiz Book” out on September 14 and available to pre-order NOW.

"Based on our podcast @perfect10carol the book features 400 brand new questions. It’s your daily personal trainer for your brain, the quizzes will educate, entertain, and irritate the life out of you! It'll also make you laugh.

"It’s a mix of anagrams, riddles, general knowledge, mindbenders, word puzzles and plenty of "carolateral thinking".

"Here’s a sneak peek teaser to whet your appetite! What is unique about the number 854,917,632? Find out the answer in the book!"

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