Caprice Bourret, 50, causes a stir as she strips naked with ‘F U War’ on body for Ukraine

50-year-old Caprice Bourret was once known as one of the world’s most prominent models. However, today, she used her platform to deliver a strong political message, stripping naked and giving the middle finger to war.

Baring her nude back for the camera, she displayed the words “F U WAR”, which was scrawled across her back in black writing.

Plus, in another photo, she wrote the same message just beneath her collar bone, shielding her breasts with her arm to preserve her modesty.

Branding the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces “absolutely disgusting”, she also shared photos of herself helping to give out donations to the needy, and implored her 417,000 followers to do the same.

More to follow…

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