BRIT Awards host Mo Gilligan addresses taking over from Jack Whitehall

BRIT Awards: Mo Gilligan trolls Boris Johnson over 'partygate'

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The award-winning comedian was asked to return as host after his successful stint last year. Mo, 34, admitted that former host Jack Whitehall, 34, sent him a text wishing him well in the role.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he said: “Me and Jack have totally different styles, so [last year] that was me trying to put my own stamp on it.

“Jack has been so lovely, he sent me a text the day before just being like bro you’re going to smash it and you’re a great person to do it. I felt like I was ready for that.”

The Masked Singer UK panellist also revealed that another former BRITs host sent him a warm message of encouragement,

He continued: “James Corden sent me a text too. Just saying good luck. it‘s nice that people who have been there were able to give me that pat on the back”

With the show scheduled to take place on a Saturday for the first time in its history, Mo revealed the change has given him a new set of pressures to contend with.

The star has admitted that he doesn’t want to ruin anybody’s weekend and wants viewers to have a cool party vibe.

The presenter highlighted how important Saturday night viewing is for the British public.

He said: “Everyone knows Saturday night TV is such a staple of being British, so you’ve got the pressure of living up to that too.”

Mo also revealed that he has been given a hilarious new nickname by friends, which he finds very flattering.

He continued: “I’m on the Masked Singer too beforehand, so I’ve had a few people call me Mr. Saturday Night. That feels like a really cool and flattering thing.”.

Mo has described hosting The BRITs as organised chaos and has admitted that there is not much preparation that you can do when taking on such a huge role.


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The star also revealed that he was initially unaware of how big the awards actually are. He said: “It’s a funny one with the BRIT’s because it feels like organised chaos.

“You can’t focus too much on what’s happening at the time, because there are events that will probably happen in the run-up to the show.

“You can loosely prep, but this is my first big TV thing of the year and it helps that I feel energised!

“We started writing in December, but that changed up at the last minute. It’s a nice thing, but I didn’t know how big a production it was until last year.”

However, Mo admitted that he does have an odd pre-show ritual that gets him amped and ready for each show he hosts.

“I do like a nap!” the star admitted. “If I can have an hour before a big thing it’s bliss. It allows me to reset my mind, perfect!

“It’s the way to get the best out of me, so I can reset my mind a little bit.”

He continued: “I won’t repeat the mistake of going to the gym at 6 am on the day of the BRITs. That was so stupid, I was tired by 4 pm”.

“I’ll be conserving my energy. Hyped-up tunes to make it a party atmosphere and a nap. Maybe a little Disaronno or tequila to calm the nerves.”

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