Bob's Burgers Character Designer Dies In Horrible Skydiving Accident

Dave Creek, who served as the lead character designer for Fox‘s Bob’s Burgers since its inception in 2011, passed away Thursday morning after succumbing to injuries incurred during a skydiving trip last weekend. Adventurer, skilled skydiver, and treehouse enthusiast, Creek’s zest for life is evident in all his Instagram posts — including videos that showcase some of his dives through the sky.

But, beyond that, he’s a talent who made his name throughout the animation industry.

After graduating from CalArts in 2005 — where he also taught as an adjunct professor starting in 2015 — Creek went on to have a very prolific career. Some of his credits include Central Park, Brickleberry, and Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. At the time of landing the lead designer gig with Bob’s Burgers, Dave had been working freelance. He happened to know a producer on the show who invited him to join the project. In 2019, he told Keyframe magazine:

“I just lucked out timing and knew the right people.”

It’s so clear that many people in the industry ADORED the animator. With the news of his passing, many took to social media to express their condolences and remember a man with so many talents and such joy in his heart.

Wendy Molyneux, a writer on Bob’s Burgers, remembered him with these words:

If you love Bob’s Burgers, you loved Dave Creek. He was an adventurous funny outgoing amazing artist and one of the most incredible, interesting people I ever met. I often thought that Dave really knew how to live, and I wish he got to live some more. Rest In Peace, buddy.”

The official Bob’s Burgers Twitter account also posted in remembrance of their late friend. You can check out the post below:

Bento Box, the studio responsible for shows like Bob’s Burgers, Duncanville, and Central Park, had a heartfelt message to share with:


No details have yet been released about the nature of Dave’s skydiving accident, but we’re just glad he’s no longer suffering. We’re heartbroken over this tragedy, and we’re sincerely sending all of our love to his friends and family during this time.

For now, be sure to check out this film Dave created during his freshman year at CalArts. As Austin Madison put it, Creek showed his raw talent even as a young person still in college. Watch the link to the video below:

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