Armie Hammer Compared to The Tinder Swindler by Accusers: He Said He Was Broke!

All of the trailers for Death on the Nile had one thing in common: they desperately did not want people to know that Armie Harmmer was in the film.

The reason was that, in early 2021, Armie’s exes accused him of a “cannibalism fetish” along with much more serious toxic traits.

To most of us, Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler is just an unrelated project that makes us think of Tilda Swinton.

For one of Armie’s accusers, however, it’s hitting very close to home.

Simply put, The Tinder Swindler is a true crime documentary on Netflix about con man Simon Leviev.

He traveled Europe while pretending to be fabulously wealthy, but manipulated his targets into loaning him money — which he never repaid.

While there are many sensational elements to this story, the “wealthy” man asking for money struck a nerve with one viewer.

Courtney Vucekovich, who suffered a downward spiral after her time with Hammer, took to her Instagram Stories to share a screenshot from her group chat.

One of the others was “P” and the other was saved as “LP.”

It has been speculated that “P” could be Paige Lorenze, another accuser of Hammer.

Courtney shared the screenshot in which she discussed The Tindler Swindler in the groupchat.

“If anyone swindled me it was this mother f–ker,” she wrote to her friends.

She added a screenshot (within the screenshot) in the groupchat, showing messages assumed to be from Armie Hammer.

“My atm account is overdrawn haha. I am officially broke. Awesome,” read one text from Courtney’s own swindler.

“You are my sugar mama until I start making movies again,” he wrote. “Ha. I am so embarrassed but also like ‘f–k it….’”

“Do you need my card number,” Courtney asked at the time, only to receive the answer: “I need cash haha.”

“iykyk lolol so glad we can almost giggle,” Courtney remarked in the screenshot.

Courtney had previously spoken about her alleged toxic relationship with Armie Hammer, one in which she found herself paying for everything.

The actor is a celebrity and part of a massively wealthy multigenerational brand found in virtually every household in America.

Courtney had described paying for things as simple as filling up his car with gas.

According to her, she was overwhelmed during their affair, and felt him dragging her down into his world until he was almost all that she thought about.

This obsession was apparently rooted in him convincing Courtney, and others, that he “needed” them, coupled with good moments that made them stay.

Paige, who may or may not have been part of the group chat, had a similar experience.

In her case, she accused Hammer of carving his first initial into her skin with a knife.

While she says that she “let it happen,” that sort of thing absolutely must be consensual if it’s going to happen at all.

Hammer has been hiding out in the Cayman Islands since accused of emotional abuse and sexual violence by multiple women.

He has called the claims against him “bulls–t” as well as “vicious and spurious.”

One wonders if he will respond to Courtney’s commentary. Has Hammer watched The Tinder Swindler?

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