Amanda Holden suffers wardrobe mishap and boasts ‘not bad for my age’

Amanda Holden suffers wardrobe mishap in tight dress and boasts ‘I’m not bad for my age’

Amanda Holden’s stylish ensemble was messed up by an awkward wardrobe malfunction.

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Amanda Holden, 51, embraced winter fashion as she strutted into the Heart FM offices in a skintight tan knitted dress and a matching pair of sexy thigh-high boots.

Explaining her sartorial choice, the Britain’s Got Talent judge and radio host told her 1.9 million Instagram followers: “Today I thought I would go snug and saucy.”

However, after slapping her thigh while showing off her boots, the star suffered an unfortunate wardrobe mishap.

After spotting one of her boots slipping down to create a sagging shape at her knee, Amanda admitted: “That’s not sexy.”

While quickly pulling the shoe back into place on her leg, the blonde beauty quipped: “That’s not bad for her age.”

Amanda Holden jumped around to show off her skintight dress

Amanda Holden films daily Instagram stories to share details of her office attire.

Amanda Holden used the split in her dress to showcase her stylish boots

Amanda Holden wowed as she cheekily slapped her thigh to unveil her thigh-high boots.

Amanda Holden posed on the window of the Global offices

Amanda Holden dresses to impress while she hosts the Heart FM Breakfast Show with Jamie Theakston.

Amanda Holden had to quickly rearrange her boots as they slipped on her knee

Amanda Holden admitted the wardrobe malfunction took the “sexiness” away from her outfit.

Despite the wardrobe mishap, Amanda Holden insisted she’s ‘not bad for her age’

Amanda Holden quickly shrugged off the awkward blunder, as she joked around in her Instagram video.

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