10 Safe Sex Tips For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big deal, but it is just another day.
Let intimacy have a role for the latter half of the night, but don’t forget to include non-sexual activities that both of you enjoy, advises Dr Madhura Samudra, consultant psychiatrist and sex educator.

Valentine’s Day is here and as excited as couples are to try fun new things to amp up their intimacy game, it is also important to follow some precautions to ensure you and your partner don’t end up in any kind of a mess.

So here are a few things to remember before things get steamy in the bedroom:

1. Talk About It Beforehand

Experimenting with your partner is the most exciting part of the holidays, but things can take a bad turn if both partners aren’t on the same page.

If you have any ideas for how you want to spend your night with your partner, discuss it with them and also ask for their consent.

Also do not forget to answer any specific questions they might have regarding your idea.

Here is an example: “Hey, I was wondering if we could try this insert desired activity for Valentine’s Day? ;)”

“Umm sure, but what is it exactly? Would it be dangerous?”

“No! Don’t worry, we will go ahead with it only if you feel comfortable. Here are a few things to know about it send informative links. If you are not up for it I’m also open to hearing your ideas or just chilling. No pressure.”

2. Do Your Research

Be it a new position or adding toys to your intimate life, it is advisable to read up about what you’re getting into.

A well-done prep will only enhance your’s and your partner’s experience.

Find reliable sources from sex educators and do not just hop on to the first article you see. And if you can, also read other peoples’ experiences with it to find out what are some things you have to know about beforehand.

Include your partner during the research and make sure they are still comfortable going ahead.

3. Keep Checking In

Please ensure your partner is still willing to continue once things commence and respect their wishes if they want to stop.

Nothing, I mean nothing can be worse than pushing your better half into something they aren’t comfortable doing.

Simple questions like “Are you feeling alright, should we proceed?” Or “Do you want me to stop?” will make your partner feel heard and reduce the tension.

4. Use Protection

Regardless to say, no matter what kind of sexual activity you engage in, the risk of infections still remains.

Use protective measures and follow proper hygiene to avoid stressful days ahead.

Clean your genitals before AND after intercourse, pass urine afterward to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and use adequate lubrication.

The male condom is the most accessible and convenient method of protection, but if you are confident with other means and have used them before, go ahead and try them out.

Do not start prescription contraceptive pills without consulting a professional and avoid mishaps so you don’t have to opt for emergency contraception.

5. Don’t Focus Just On Sex

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a big deal, but it is just another day.

Do not get so tied up with what you have planned that you end up spending no quality time together.

Let intimacy have a role for the latter half of the night, but don’t forget to include non-sexual activities that both of you enjoy.

Go out on a date, watch a movie, or just cuddle in at home before you take things inside the bedroom.

6. Give Foreplay Importance

Things can get steamy on romantic holidays as they should, but do not jump into penetrative sex immediately.

Indulge in good foreplay and try to slow things down. The night will remain young.

7. Have Emergency Aids Handy

If your activity involves any risk of injury, have a first aid kit ready at your disposal.

Do not take sex injuries lightly or wait for things to cool down, if it seems emergent, go to a doctor immediately.

8. Do not ingest anything via illegal sources

No matter how enticing and enhancing some substances (available off the counter or via other sources) may seem, do not consume anything based on other peoples’ recommendations.

Mood or sexual enhancers, party pills, or any other substances can have a severe impact on your health so be mindful of that.

9. Get Your Medical Records In Order

It is generally a good habit to undergo STD testing if you are sexually active, but especially before you plan a romantic getaway with your partner.

Consult your physician to find out more information on how to get tested and take appropriate measures.

10. Remember To Have Fun

However, the night turns out, be grateful you are with your partner and cherish each other’s company for as long as you have it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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