Aware of threats to CPEC, periodically enhancing security measures: Pak Army

The Pakistan Army on Thursday said it was aware of the threats to the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and security measures were periodically enhanced to deal with the emerging dangers.

Speaking to the media in Rawalpindi, Army Spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar said, “The security of the CPEC has been increased. It is a continuous process and its security requirements are increasing as the project is going ahead.” “We are aware of threats and there is no compromise on its security because this project is linked with the future of our country,” the spokesperson said.

He said that the war against terrorism was ‘hard-earned success’.

The spokesperson said “more than 18,000 terrorists were killed and 400 ton explosive material was seized” from militants during the war on terrorism in the country.

He said Pakistan supported the Afghan peace process because peace in Pakistan is lined with Afghanistan.

“Peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan and peace along our western borders. So if there is anyone who wants peace in Afghanistan after Afghans, it is Pakistan,” he said.

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