Trailer watch: Will ‘The Grinch’ top other Dr. Seuss adaptations?

Charles Dickens conceived Ebenezer Scrooge in 1843 as a misanthropic, miserly man who hated Christmas, who is visited by three ghosts who change his opinion about the holiday, making him a happier man.

In 1957, Dr. Seuss came up with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the story of a grumpy creature who prefers solitude to the seemingly endless festivities of Christmas that Whoville celebrates. The stories are similar — two characters who hate other people also express extreme dislike for something that they cannot enjoy.

While there have been more than 70 iterations of Scrooge on both stage and screen, the most memorable version of the Grinch was the 2000 film starring Jim Carrey, directed by Ron Howard. Now, the Grinch is all set to make a return to the big screen with an animated feature starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character. As yet, even with the release of the trailer, it seems as though Cumberbatch is the only cast member.

Illumination, the studio behind the Despicable Me franchise, The Secret Life of Pets and the underappreciated Sing is producing The Grinch.

The trailer shows the Grinch planning to steal Christmas presents from Santa Claus, so the residents of Whoville understand that there is nothing such as true Christmas spirit.

Adaptations of Dr. Seuss’ works for the big screen have been hit-or-miss, especially with the creepy 2003 live-action version of The Cat in the Hat, and the flashy, yet disappointing The Lorax (2012). But, there was also the entirely charming Horton Hears a Who, and one hopes that The Grinch falls in with the latter.

The Grinch is directed by Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney, and is scheduled for a November release.

Watch the trailer here:


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