The Definitive Ranking of the Sexiest TV Ships of 2018

Ah, Christmas season…love is in the air and in our Netflix queue. In fact, one of the only good things 2018 has brought with it are the epic romances that could only be found in fiction (and fan fiction). On Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, and the recently rescued Brooklyn 99 there were weddings, while Riverdale continues to bless us with couples so perfect, they all have their own names! The list that follows is a definitive breakdown of the 21 best cannon (and two fannon) ships of 2018.

Warning: possible spoilers beyond this point.

21. Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Marsh — ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

OK, so Dr. Marsh only appeared in one episode (14×17, ‘One Day Like This’), but he made a bigger impact than any other Grey love interest since McDreamy (R.I.P.). It doesn’t look like he’ll be back again in season 15—and there’s definitely something heating up between Meredith and Dr. DeLuca (I need to know what happened in that elevator)—but I still ship it, sorry.

20. Destiel — ‘Supernatural’

You honestly can’t make a list like this without including one of the most influential fandom’s top ships. Supernatural‘s Destiel enthusiasts have been rooting for the love between hunter Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and angel Castiel (Misha Collins) to go beyond friendship since the Angel’s introduction in season four. Now, ten seasons later, hints are still there (mixtape, anyone?), but the series has been accused time and again of queerbaiting, and Dean and Cas have hardly been seen together in Season 14.

19. Issa and Lawrence — ‘Insecure’

LawrenceHive fans rejoiced when Jay Ellis made an unexpected return in season 3 of Insecure. Of course, the problematic couple are far from rekindling their relationship, but the fandom can still dream. Anything is possible.

18. Jane and Michael — ‘Jane the Virgin’

Speaking of unexpected returns… Honestly, the only reason my Jane the Virgin babes Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael (Brett Dier) are not further down this list is because my heart can only take so much. Michael’s death in season 3 may or may not have sent me into a depression spiral, and then they have the audacity to revive him for the finale of season 4?! Who else has major emotional whiplash? Who will Jane choose now?!

17. Falice — ‘Riverdale’

Falice shippers (including myself) rejoiced when current and former Southside Serpents FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) and Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) finally became official in season 3 (sorry, Hal). Two of the hottest characters on Riverdale, their chemistry is FIRE, but they also don’t make much sense when Alice seems so flighty and brainwashed by the Farm… Plus, there is the added weird factor that their children are in such a serious relationship. But, hey, Riverdale is a small town.

16. Philip and Elizabeth — ‘The Americans’

I’ll be forever grateful that The Americans (which also created a real life romance between Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) ended its six season run with Philip and Elizabeth Jennings together in Russia. Though heartbreaking that they had to leave their children behind, I was so sure that one or both of the spies would die or wind up in prison. Sure, it’s a crazy time to root for a couple of Cold War-era commie spies, but how could you not with these two?

15. Olicity — ‘Arrow’

Haven’t Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) suffered enough? Though it seems like the Arrowverse is constantly doing its best to keep the fan favorites apart these past few seasons, not even prison can truly come between them.

14. Eleanor and Chidi — ‘The Good Place’

I love these cockroaches. In what is probably the most effectively twisty sitcom on television, Chidi (Jackson Harper) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) lost all memory of their love in the Good Place (but actually the Bad Place) when Michael brings them all back to life on Earth. But in the season 3 episode, ‘The Worst Possible Use of Free Will’ Michael shows Eleanor the memories of their relationship to prove to her she is capable of love. Eleanor struggles, but ultimately tells Chidi about her rekindled feelings in the middle of an epic demon battle the following ep. He’s literally given up flying (FLYING) to spend time with her in past timelines, so I refuse to believe who won’t fall back in love with her now.

13. Jolex — ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Who didn’t cry during that amazing wedding episode? Honestly Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) have been through a LOT over the years (I mean, this is Grey’s Anatomy we’re talking about) so, in the words of Luddington to Entertainment Weekly, “I can’t believe that we’ve actually made it!”

12. Stef and Lena – ‘The Fosters’

It was so hard saying goodbye to the Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) Adams-Fosters, TV’s perfect parents. Though the family has seen their fair share of struggles, Stef and Lena are always there for their children (biological and adopted) and never stop fighting for them. When I say this couple is perfect, it doesn’t mean their marriage hasn’t had its issues. However, one of the great things about the show was how often it laid their differences bare, and showed just how difficult it can be to compromise. Here’s hoping we get plenty of Stef and Lena cameos in the spinoff Good Trouble (especially now that Noah Centineo has officially signed to reprise his role of Jesus.)

11. WestAllen — ‘The Flash’

I don’t have much to say about Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) other than they’re soft, I love them, and ‘Running Home to You’ will likely be played at my wedding. Plus, it’ll be fun to see how the rest of this ‘child from the future’ plot line pans out.

All right, top 1o. Here we go.

10. Kadena — ‘The Bold Type’

The only reason Kadena didn’t make it further up this list is that I’m just not sure they’re endgame. While Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) and Kat (Aisha Dee) came out strong in season one (pun intended), but when they return from their whirwind adventure in season two, something keeps holding them back from each other. It’s understandable; Kat just recently began exploring her sexuality, so it makes sense that she was itching to test the waters a bit further. But it seems like all that time Kat spent on dates with other women left Adena wondering what she truly wants out of their relationship…and they’re not lining up.

I am rooting for Kadena in season three with all my heart, but it won’t surprise me if they end up going their separate ways, at least for a little while.

10. Coliver — ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

I have been waiting for this wedding for four years. Together, Connor (Jack Falahee)and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) have faced a crushing HIV diagnoses, the wrath of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), and a whole lot of death. It’s just a shame their reception came with another murder.

9. Rebecca and Jack — ‘This Is Us’

No words, just SOBS.

8. Beth and Randall — ‘This Is Us’

At least we know where Randall (Sterling K. Brown) got it from. Randall and Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) are stupidly supportive of each other, even when Randall’s co-dependent family routinely inserts themselves into their lives. Beth has found her own ways to cope when she feels left out, but she shouldn’t worry because her husband is always there to talk it out when things go wrong.

7. Jake and Amy — ‘Brooklyn 99’

Honestly, thank God Brooklyn 99 was rescued by NBC for a sixth season. After what may be the most perfect proposal in TV history (if someone doesn’t ask me to marry them in the middle of an obscenely hardcore game of hide and seek à la Halloween Heist, I’m out), Brooklyn 99 outdid itself with the aptly titled wedding episode “Jake & Amy.” Much like their relationship, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)’s nuptuals were completely chaotic, charming, and a loooong time coming.

5. Jamie and Claire — ‘Outlander’

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) relationship has spanned centuries and seemingly limitless conflicts, not to mention multiple continents. Can’t they be allowed to be happy together, already?!

4. Bughead — ‘Riverdale’

Bughead has been a top fandom ship since season 1, episode 3. They have each others’ backs, solve crime, and face unspeakable dangers together. In fact, if this were 2017, there’s no doubt in my mind they’d be number one on this list. Betty and Jughead Jones are so perfect for each other that their on-screen chemistry turned into a real life romance between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse.

The only thing holding Bughead back from a top spot is all the secrets they kept from one another in season 2, that Barchie kiss, and the fact that Jughead’s Gryphons & Gargoyles obsession seems to be creeping Betty out… and honestly, same.

3. Varchie — ‘Riverdale’

The diehard Bughead shipper in me is as surprised as you are that Veronica (Cami Mendes) and Archie (KJ Apa) snagged a higher spot on this list. In the past, Varchie sometimes seemed like a necessary answer to Bughead: Riverdale requiring a steamy relationship on both sides to keep Betty and Jughead from snagging all the glory and screen time. It also doesn’t hurt that KJ and Camila are both seriously hot.

But with Archie Andrews in Juvie for the majority of season 3, Riverdale had to kick up their emotional connection. And honestly, I’m so here for it. Plus, how can you not ship them after Veronica staged such an epic prison break?

2. Malec – ‘Shadowhunters’

Perhaps my favorite ship of all time, the love between warlock (and bisexual icon) Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) and shadowhunter Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) has proven unbreakable. In season 3 alone, Magnus gave up his powers and immortality to spare Alec the pain of having to kill his possessed parabatai. Though Magnus’ immortality and past list of ex-lovers has become a snag in their relationship throughout 3A, I have a feeling Alec’s latest near-death experience is going to give them both a new perspective. Who’s up for a Malec wedding?

1. Choni — ‘Riverdale’

Sometimes the best ships are the ones so fresh they haven’t been able to break our hearts yet. Such is the case for the burgeoning love between Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan). While Varchie and Bughead are often forced to keep secrets from another, this enemies-to-lovers couple stand hand in hand against any enemy.

Plus, with just as much fiery chemistry as any pair on this list, I only have one complaint: NOT ENOUGH CHONI. More Choni, please.

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