Telangana locals dedicate temple to Sonu Sood

The temple located in Telangana has been built to recognise the humanitarian work done by of Sonu Sood this year.

A temple dedicated to Sonu Sood was inaugurated in Telangana on Sunday. Located in Dubba Tanda village of Siddipet district, the temple has been built to recognise the humanitarian work done by the Bollywood star. Sood helped thousands of stranded migrant workers reach their hometowns during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Speaking about the temple, a local resident told ANI, “He helped so many people during the pandemic. It’s a matter of great delight for us that we’ve constructed his temple.”

Sonu Sood shared in a statement, “This is an extremely overwhelming moment. But at the same time I don’t deserve this. I’m just a common man who helped his brothers and sisters.”

Sonu Sood had recently spoken to about the inspiring work he did this year. The actor said, “We started with organising food drives. And then I moved on to helping stranded migrant workers. It is just that the visuals of people walking a hundred miles to their hometowns kept haunting me for days and nights. I thought it was my duty to help them. In the process, I received immense love and respect from all quarters. They have honoured me with the title of a messiah, a superhero. A couple even named their newborn after me. I think I am really blessed.”

Sood had recently mortgaged his properties in Mumbai, including two shops and six flats, to raise Rs 10 crore to help the underprivileged, migrant workers and patients who suffer from serious diseases.

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