Sacred Games: This is what international media is saying about the Saif Ali Khan starrer

Sacred Games is receiving immense acclaim from the international press. The rooted yet international appeal of the Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer has attracted a lot of eye balls.

Netflix’s first Indian original series Sacred Games is here and it is making the right kind of noise. The Indian viewers are certainly impressed with the show’s unique international but rooted appeal and this has also impressed the international critics as well. This Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer is being lauded for its representation of Mumbai and also the way it captures the attention of the audience worldwide.

This is what the international media is saying about Sacred Games:

The New York Times said, “Sacred Games doesn’t feel generic, though. Energetic and entertaining, if not entirely satisfying (four of eight episodes were available for review), it toggles between stylized melodrama and loose-limbed satire — hewing, perhaps a little too closely, to the structure of Mr. Chandra’s sprawling novel.”

The Hollywood Reporter remarked, “If Sacred Games can get even a fraction of the available Indian market hooked on its small-screen storytelling, that alone will validate Netflix’s expansion plans. But the bigger goal might be a Narcos-like play to an open-minded international audience that wants to see something familiar but foreign at the same time.”

“Put it this way, I’m only two episodes in and I can already feel the weight of the novel’s 947 pages – Sacred Games has the kind of dense plotting that demands commitment and concentration. Having said that, this kickstart to a whole new TV genre (Bolly noir?) looks like being worth it, with uncompromising performances, a script bristling with lyricism, and an intriguing air of vibrancy and originality,” said The Guardian.

Sacred Games is currently streaming on Netflix.

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