'RHOC' Juice: Emily Confronts Kelly After Exploding on Shane, Gina Files for Divorce and Feuds with Shannon

“If you’re gonna stir the pot then own it,” Gina fires at Shannon after last week’s explosive fight between Kelly and Emily.

Monday’s "Real Housewives or Orange County" picked up right in the middle of last week’s fight among Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson and Emily’s husband, Shane.

In case you missed it, Kelly went off on Shane for "getting involved" in her issue with Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Steve Lodge. Kelly was pissed at Steve for making comments about her divorce to Page Six, but Steve walked away from the conversation, leaving Shane in the thick of it. Kelly went on to call Shane a "little bitch" — among other similar names — until Emily fired back, "I’ll f–king kill you!"

Quite the party! Kudos, Tamra Judge!

This week, Kelly agreed to have lunch with Emily to discuss the ordeal. Emily said she felt they both "said things that were out of line," adding, "Shane was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Kelly explained Shane had butted into her conversation with Steve, then told her she was drunk, which is when she "saw red." Emily was oddly calm and said she understood why Kelly would be upset. What she didn’t appreciate was "the name calling."

Kelly said she had no idea Shane was Emily’s husband (even though footage showed her meeting him 30 minutes before the blowout), and Emily said, "Regardless, you shouldn’t say that to anyone."

"Well, you shouldn’t tell somebody that you’re gonna kill them!" Kelly replied. Emily agreed, they both laughed and all was peachy.

In a later scene, Tamra, Emily, Shannon Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter all met up for lunch.

Shannon told the ladies she had gone on a date with a man who had been married for 30 years before getting a divorce. Gina was triggered by the conversation and decided to let the ladies know she and her husband had agreed to do the same. She was tearful but not angry, saying they had been living separate lives due to his job in Los Angeles. She said they were still "best friends," which Shannon seemed to scoff at.

The topic of Kelly’s explosion on Shane came up as well. Emily said she and Kelly had squashed it, but apparently, they weren’t the only two with dogs in the fight.

"What’s upsetting to me is that Kelly does go for the jugular often, and so at Tamra’s party, I had a conversation with her saying, ‘You don’t need to go about it that way,’" Shannon said. "So she was actually rehearsing and practicing how she could have a conversion with Steve that was mature and that could just relay her feelings."

"I know you guys rehearsed it, but you know your friend, and sending her in there where there’s other people around was maybe not the best circumstance," Gina replied.

Gina insisted she would not have sent Kelly in to talk to Steve, but Shannon insisted she knew Kelly better than Gina did.

"I broke up a fight," Gina fired back. "Was it a great outcome? If you’re gonna stir the pot then own it. You sent her in there, so stop, Shannon."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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