Why Nilsa Prowant Really Threw That Drink At Codi Butts on 'Floribama Shore'

“Men should worship the ground we walk on, is what I think,” Nilsa said.

For Nilsa Prowant, men should always respect women no matter what.

During Monday night’s "Floribama Shore," Nilsa threw a drink at Codi Butts after he accidentally bumped her and stained her new crop top. However, this wasn’t the whole story. There was much "more" to the situation that we didn’t see on TV.

TooFab spoke with Nilsa, who said that the real reason she tossed her alcohol at her housemate, was that he was disrespecting her by throwing his hand in her face. Nilsa explained that this was something Codi knew would make her mad.

The entire altercation, Nilsa recalled, was instigated by the fact that Codi was trying to get with two girls. At the bar, Nilsa overheard that the girls wanted to sleep with Codi just to get on MTV. Nilsa was just trying to look out for her friend to warn him that those were not "good girls."

"It was more than him just just spilling a drink on my shirt," Nilsa explained. "There was these two girls that was basically just using Cody and I liked, I didn’t like that I felt bad and so I was trying to explain to him and in the meantime he was like, ‘I want to take these bitches home.’ And I was trying to tell him like, ‘No, these are not good girls [they are] basically just using you."

Although Nilsa said she had Codi’s best interest at heart, he proceeded to put his hand in Nilsa’s face, which prompted her to weaponize the drink as a projectile. For Nilsa, it was all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

"I’m very, very big on men do not like, like men should worship the ground we walk on is what I think," she said. "Women f–king do a lot for men. So for him to put his hand in my face, when he knows how I am about men respecting women. Like that’s what really upset me. It wasn’t him spilling the drink on my shirt. It was him putting his hand in my face. That’s why I threw the drink."

While this entire fiasco was happening at the bar, Nilsa, Codi, Aimee Hall, and Kortni Gilson had absolutely no clue what was going on at home: Kirk Medas was getting arrested.

If you recall during last week’s episode, Kirk was put in handcuffs after a very long night (seriously Gus Smyrnios’ birthday was never ending), in which he first got kicked out of bar number one after defending Nilsa and throwing crackers at the hecklers. Then, at bar number two, Kirk slapped a guy in the face after he was throwing shade at Jeremiah Buoni.

Nilsa, like her roommate Candace Rice, didn’t believe that Kirk deserved to be arrested.

"I do not think he should be arrested," she said. "If anything, I was the one that could, once again, I was the one that confronted the guy about disrespecting us, calling us hoes. Kirk was just standing up for us. And I believe — I side with Candace. It wasn’t fair that Kirk was the only one that got kicked out. We were a group. They should have kicked us all out of the bar."

"They only kicked Kirk out, but obviously he’s our roommate, so we’re going to follow behind him," she continued. "But that wasn’t fair that they singled Kirk out because there was crackers being thrown, not just by Kirk. I’m pretty sure I probably threw a cracker. So I don’t think it’s fair."

We also asked Nilsa about what’s to come with her possible relationship with Gus. Last season, Gus wanted to date her, but this season the roles have reversed. So far this season, we’ve seen Nilsa give Gus some kisses, but that’s it so far. However, according to Nilsa there is a lot to come.

"Talk about a whole fricken summer," Nilsa said. "Gus and I, the ship has not sailed yet."

Nilsa added to "stay tuned," because when the ship does sail, it’s going to be "bigger than the Titanic."

Although she didn’t tell us exactly what goes on between the two, Nilsa teased that Gus "might or might not" have slept with one of her other castmates. We’re definitely intrigued!

We’ll have to wait until next week, though, to see how the drama plays out.

"Floribama Shore" airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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