Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' Goes Country, Burns Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley and Somehow Nickelback

Country music stars line up to get insulted on the latest “Mean Tweets,” with surprise shout-outs to Baja Men, Sacha Baron Cohen and Pornhub.

Jimmy Kimmel was back with our periodic reminder that people are just awful on the Internet with the latest installment of "Mean Tweets." And in honor of the CMA Awards, it was a country music edition.

Country music fans can be some of the most passionate and kind-hearted people on the planet, but when they get behind a computer keyboard they turn into just as big of monsters as so many other people online (just check out the comments on any post anywhere). It’s a good thing most of these stars have pretty thick skin.

Some of them were even impressed by the cleverness of their trolls, like Luke Combs giving props to the tweeter who said he looked "like the human manifestation of cornbread." At least they got their country reference right.

Jake Owen was called out in a very graphic fashion for not being authentically country enough, along with "all you fake f–king ‘country’ people with your boots and flannel." But don’t not wear boots and flannel, either, as Kacey Muscgraves was raked over the coals, with her "fan" saying, "That outfit is not country."

Now they probably weren’t referring to the outfit she was wearing to "Mean Tweets," but she still looked down and had to agree, "Yeah, it’s kinda not."

Combs wasn’t the only one who got hit for their appearance, with Scotty McCreery upgraded from "looking like a creepy kid" to "a creepy looking adult." He could only meet that one with a smile. It wasn’t even that kind for Michael Ray who was described as something too hot for this article related to Pornhub.

Then there were the insults to their music, though Jon Pardi confessed he loved Baja Men’s "Who Let the Dogs Out." And of course, one Twitter user went for the lowest-hanging fruit in the music dissing world.

"People who say Nickelback is the worst band obviously haven’t heard Rascal Flatts," they wrote. The band shot back, "What’s wrong with Nickelback?" The answer is nothing. They’ve just become the butt of lazy insult writers. Be better!

At least some people were clever with their insults, with Midland appreciating the tweeter who wrote that they "all look like Sacha Baron Cohen in various disguises." So random, so specific.

Check out all the clever and not-so-clever burns and all the other country music stars in the latest "Mean Tweets" compilation video above.

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