Jimmy Kimmel Complains About Having to Watch World Series with 'Obnoxious Jerk' Matt Damon

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host and Damon were each wearing “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts at the game, and were joined by Ben Affleck.

There’s nothing worse than an obnoxious jackass ruining what’s supposed to be a fun social event, as Jimmy Kimmel learned when he joined Matt Damon for Game 5 of the World Series.

The long-time "rivals" were joined by Ben Affleck for the event, which was highlighted by Kimmel and Damon wearing matching t-shirts that said "I’m With Stupid" and featured arrows pointing at one another.

On Monday night’s show, Kimmel relived his harrowing experience having to watch a baseball game with an "obnoxious jerk."

"That is the last time I ever use Groupon," he joked.

He then offered his audience a little-known factoid about Damon. "You know he eats other people’s unfinished food off the floor? Like a rodent," Kimmel marveled. "Half of the game he’s down on his hands and knees eating garbage."

But there was another victim on the night, as Kimmel pointed out. "The big news of the night was Ben Affleck who made the mistake of sitting between us," she said showing a shot of both of their t-shirts pointing at Affleck. "I believe they call that collateral damage."

But Damon wasn’t his only issue with the World Series, either. Taking a page from the Liar in Chief, Kimmel called out the "lamestream media" for their coverage of Baseball’s Fall Classic. "According to the fake news media, the Red Sox beat the Dodgers last night to win the World Series," he said. "But we know the real story is that the Dodgers swept the World Series in four games."

Sure. Why not? After all, this is 2018 America, where "truth isn’t truth" anymore.

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