Is Samantha Trying To Stop Her Film’s Release?

Samantha has proved her box office stamina with Oh! Baby. The film, which starred her in the titular role, collected Rs 20 crore share, including a $1 million feat in the US.

Thanks to Oh! Baby’s success, producers are making a beeline for Samantha’s dates and are even ready to shell out fat paychecks to cast her in more heroine oriented movies.

After her marriage, Samantha had gone through a lot of dilemma about the kind of movies to act. In the process, she signed a very bold role in the cult Tamil thriller ‘Super Deluxe’.

In Super Deluxe, Samantha’s character has an extra-marital affair with her ex-boyfriend. Sam’s character’s journey in the movie is all about how, with the help of her husband, she tries to dispose the body of her ex who dies while having sex.

Before signing Super Deluxe, Samantha had included a clause that prohibits the film from being dubbed in Telugu. Sam took this step as she didn’t want to tarnish her family’s reputation here.

Super Deluxe was decently successful when it released earlier this summer. The film was later acquired by Netflix. But when several Telugu distributors approached Super Deluxe’s producers, they were told to get a No Objection Certificate from Samantha. So that way, Sam is indirectly stopping her own film’s release.

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