Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin left in bits by Ben Shephard's dirty joke

We’ve all been there, someone drops a cheeky one-liner and you just can’t stop giggling.

It’s embarrassing at best, but when it happens at work the effects can be toe-curling — so we really feel for Good Morning Britain‘s Laura Tobin.

Falling victim to the wit of presenter Ben Shephard, she dissolved into a fit of mirth that delayed her weather report by a good 30 seconds.

Signing off a video interview with a reporter abroad, Ben said: “It’s just after 8 o’clock here, you go and have a dirty martini and get your head down.”

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Here’s the @benshephardofficial joke that left @lauratobinweather in a bit of a tickle 😂

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All’s well that ends well, huh?

Not so. When they cut to the weather, Laura could be seen laughing her head off and apologising.

“I’m really sorry, that just tickled me,” she said, before bursting into another high-pitched squeal of delight.

Looking pretty pleased with himself, Ben asked: “Do you want me to do the weather for you, Laura?”

“I’m not crying, that was funny,” she replied, before proceeding to attempt to let us all know how rainy the weekend is going to be (she was still grinning).

If you’re wondering, apparently “things are looking up as we head into the weekend”, but given Laura’s attention wasn’t quite focused, it’s probably worth another look a bit later on…

Fans were delighted with their GMB fave and let her know on the show’s official Instagram page.

“So lovely to see everyone having fun!!! Love it!!” wrote one viewer.

“Lovely girl,” added another.

Keep the jokes coming, Ben – everyone is loving them!

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