Evaru Teaser : Mystery Thriller

Adivi Sesh, who is banking on the scripts to bail him out, seems to have got yet another such author-backed script with Evaru. The teaser promises the film to be a mystery crime thriller.

The teaser opens with a violent attack on the Regina followed by a crime scene where Naveen Chandra is seen as a lifeless person lying in a pool of blood. Looks like, the film revolves around his death/murder and the violence act against Regina. How is Regina linked to his death? How they are connected? Who is behind this?

Adivi Sesh (Vikram Vasudev), a Tamil Nadu state police, is assigned to unearth the mystery behind his death. How he deals with it and what are the facts that would come out in his investigation needs to be seen. “Behind Every Story Is A Secret,” states the teaser.

Though Sesh is opting for out-of-box films like Kshanam (a mystery thriller), Goodachari (a spy film), but it looks like he is getting type-cast with such films. The background score is compelling and elevates the scenes. As the film is all set for August 15 release, and the film’s main plot and characters have been revealed with the teaser, we have to wait and see, what the makers will have in the trailer.

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