Ellen DeGeneres & Woody Harrelson Talk Weed: Why She Hates It and Why He's Hooked After 2-Year Break

While playing a game of “Woody’ve Done That,” Harrelson confirms he did get stoned to endure a dinner with Donald Trump.

Woody Harrelson and Ellen DeGeneres got into a lively discussion about marijuana on her show Tuesday.

The "Solo: A Star Wars Story" actor — who opened up about quitting pot in the summer of 2017 — shared how Willie Nelson got him hooked again after a two-year break from smoking, and then Harrelson seemed a little surprised to learn Ellen doesn’t enjoy getting high.

“I did quit, and then ran into this fella named Willie. I quit for almost two years. No smoking, no vaping. Every once in while, you’re going to have something edible,” Harrelson told Ellen. “I’m not a nun, all right?”

Harrelson continued to gush about the country music icon, who apparently had a huge issue with the actor giving up weed. It disturbed the sweet pothead so much, he had to set up an intervention — "like 500 times," Harrelson joked. It took a signature product from Nelson’s own line of pot paraphernalia to finally get through to Harrelson.

"He was never comfortable with me quitting. It just bothered him. And he just kept trying. And then you know, finally I see — this is over two years — finally I see it, it says Willie’s Reserve on the pen. His special Willie’s Reserve," Harrelson said. "Finally, he passes me the pen after I win a big pot. We’re playing poker and I’m in a celebratory mood. And he hands me that pen, and I just snatch it. I go ‘Aw, f-ck it.’ I realize I’m not supposed to say — anyway, I take a big draw off of it, and he says ‘Welcome home, son.’"

"And that was that, and now I’m back into the mix," Harrelson said before turning the tables on his host. "What about you?"

"I don’t smoke,” Ellen replied, which elicited a skeptical "OK" from her guest. "No, I don’t. I don’t like it. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t understand. I don’t know how people function on it. I would be like in a corner, rocking. That’s what would happen to me if I did any of that form."

Then Ellen played a rousing game of "Woody’ve Done That," where she read outrageous things that the actor may or may not have done in his lifetime, like getting high at a dinner with Donald Trump.

"That is true," Harrelson confirmed. "It was this dinner he was trying to recruit Jesse Ventura to be his vice presidential running mate for the 2004 Democratic ticket."

"I don’t imagine his allegiances run deep," Harrelson joked, a nod to the fact that Trump won the presidency asa Republican. "So I was in the middle of the dinner — and he’s a talker. I was finally like, I gotta get out of here and fire up a hooter, and then maybe run back in and I can endure the rest of this."

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