CBB housemates turn on Roxanne Pallett after noticing her unusual behaviour

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have twigged that there’s something "fake" about Roxanne Pallett’s behaviour on the show.

The former Emmerdale star’s airtime-grabbing theatrics have become so obvious that even housemate Dan Osborne has admitted it feels like she’s "constantly in character".

On Saturday night, Roxy performed the American national anthem at the President’s Ball and then fell into the pool fully dressed.

But viewers rushed to Twitter to slam her "fake" antics and constant "acting".

"My God how FAKE is @ RoxannePallett??? Does she not know how to just be natural and not act 24/7?? She really makes me cringe," one viewer tweeted.

"My god Roxanne Pallett singing Stars and Stripes has me cringing so bad already, bore off you fake b***h," another added.

"Either Roxanne Pallett is a fruit cake or she’s acting," another wrote.

And Dan Osborne has noticed her theatrics too.

In a teaser clip for tonight’s episode, he asks Gabby Allen and Natalie Nunn : "Go on then, who do you think is being fake?"

He adds: "Roxy is constantly in a character."

Gabby says: "Everything is so theatrical, I get frustrated with that and then I find myself being like.

"I feel like I’m being a proper bitch."

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